Linda Neel Ceo


A Visionary Leader Transforming HOA Management with Excellence.

Linda Neel, the esteemed President of Excel Management, is a dynamic leader with an unwavering passion for excellence in property management. With a wealth of experience and expertise in the industry, Linda brings a unique blend of strategic vision, exceptional communication skills, and a deep understanding of the needs of Home Owner Associations (HOAs).

Known for her dedication and commitment, Linda tirelessly works alongside community boards to provide tailored solutions that elevate HOA operations to new heights. Her hands-on approach ensures that every aspect of community management is handled with meticulous attention to detail, from financial planning and budgeting to vendor management and rule enforcement.

Linda’s leadership is characterized by a strong emphasis on transparency, professionalism, and open communication. She fosters an environment where homeowners feel heard and valued, and where board members receive the guidance and support needed to effectively govern their communities.

Under Linda’s guidance, Excel Management has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional results and fostering thriving, harmonious communities. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and innovative thinking sets a high standard in the industry, making Linda a respected figure among both colleagues and clients.

With Linda Neel at the helm, Excel Management continues to flourish as a trusted partner, empowering HOAs with unparalleled expertise and a genuine passion for creating exceptional living experiences for homeowners.

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